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Tibetan Torgam Offering Cabinet

Tibetan Torgam Offering Cabinet



19th Century


A Tibetan Buddhist cabinet used to house offerings (torma)

These ‘torgam’ are placed in special shrines and homes and offerings are placed inside

in order to activate and engage these fierce gods to become protectors and friends to the faithful.

This piece displays a painting of the ‘Bone Palace’

the residence of the fierce diety ‘Citipati’ and his consort, friends of the wrathful diety


Distinctive and unique to Tibetan furniture, the symbolism is often labeled ‘Tantric’


hand drawn wood construction

single door

leather door pull

interior has significant art on three sides

W:16.5 inch (41cm) D: 14inch (336cm H: 25inch (64cm)

Weight: 20lb /9 kg



Buckley, Chris. Tibetan Furniture: Identifying, Appreciating, Collecting. Thames & Hudson, 2005.



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