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Tibetan Monk Chest Flaming Jewel

Tibetan Monk Chest Flaming Jewel

SKU: T1005

Exceptional example of a Tibetan Chest, his wooden and brass chest features intricate gold paint on traditional red, with the central mandala flaming jewel and corners. 

A rare hand painted Tibetan monks chest. Circa 16th century. Decorated with  flaming gems and auspicioius symbols representing the essential components of the Buddhist faith. The design is characteristic of early Tibetan chests dating from the 15th century. Still retaining its original boards & unrestored original paintwork. The chest is reinforced with wrought iron iron straps.

This chest is a rare survivor as original early Tibetan furniture is difficult to find. . These decorated, hand painted chests were found in monasteries. Used to store valuable and rare religious manuscripts, jewel encrusted gold and silver butter lamps and ceremonial garments and costumes used for ceremonial purposes. These chests were commissioned and donated by a wealthy patrons of the monastery.



Estate Late Diplomat/ Kathmandu / Nepal / 1980



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